Welcome Samantha Rodrigues to the Corinthian Events & Newport Hospitality Team!

May 5, 2021

We are excited to finally announce that Samantha Rodrigues is part of our team as a Manager of Event Operations! Samantha is a Rhode Island native and an events industry expert. Prior to joining the Corinthian Events & Newport Hospitality team, Sam worked in alumni events, weddings, social events, and restaurant management. Sam’s passion for the events industry began with a love of weddings and over time that passion grew into a love for logistics and complex events. Outside of work, Samantha spends her time with her puppy or at the beach.

To say we are excited about the addition of Sam to the team is an understatement – every one of her coworkers speaks about her with glowing praise and admiration:

“Samantha can adjust to any situation and is always willing to learn. She asks good questions, isn’t afraid to take a stab at something and brings positive energy to all her meetings. She is a huge asset to the team and we are lucky to have her!”

Sam is so professional and easy to work with right from the start! She has a very calming presence and easy going attitude that makes her a pleasure to work with.”

It feels like she’s been with the team since day one and she’s been crushing it taking full ownership of Newport!”

Sam’s ability to seamlessly transition on to the team was amazing!  She is such a great addition!


Simply put: Sam is an incredible addition and we are excited to pair her up with you in the planning if your next event! Welcome to the team, Sam!

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