Pandemic Compliance Advisors: Your Event Safety Ambassadors!

April 15, 2021

Even though they may have a new look and feel, live events are coming back, and we are here to make sure you, your team, your event staff, and your guests are safe and prepared. A select few of our staff members have completed training to be certified as Pandemic Compliance Advisors, and they are ready to be your Event Safety Ambassadors at your next event!

These Ambassadors are fully trained with a sole focus on COVID safety and coordinating your event around all safety compliance requirements. Their expertise includes:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • Communication plans for staff, guests, and any other event attendees
  • Crisis planning
  • Venue management and environment standards

Not seeing the value? Think of your next event like a trip to your community pool. Every event moving forward will need to have staff members in place to remind attendees to wear their masks, socially distance, etc. – those are the lifeguards. The Event Safety Ambassadors are in charge of the lifeguards and assign those lifeguards to different areas of the pool. These Ambassadors also check the chlorine levels in the pool, properly adjust the water temperature, ensure that the pool deck is safe, make sure everyone swimming in the deep end has passed their safety test, and so on.

Simply put, your Event Safety Ambassador is responsible for putting all of the required and necessary safety measures in place at your event.

Looking for an Event Safety Ambassador for your next event or gathering? Contact us today!

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Written with Shira Brandt