Not a ‘Pivot’, More Like an ‘Expansion’ – Our Expanded Focus on Virtual Events

January 7, 2021

At Corinthian Events, we are known for our three major silos: Special Events, Meetings & Conferences, and Destination Management.


A silver lining from the last nine months
is that we were forced to expand one of
our smaller offerings: Virtual Events.

For the time being, virtual is the new reality. While it is incredibly difficult to gather in person in the traditional ways, it is also impossible to just not gather at all. Thankfully, technology allows us to meet and connect in different ways, and we have the team at Corinthian Events to maximize the potential of virtual gathering and make Zoom meetings, video conferences, virtual celebrations, and any other type of technology-based event compelling, engaging, and as satisfying as possible.

Vaccines, warm weather, and hopefully a gradual return to normalcy are around the corner, and with that will come the return of Live Events.


When Live Events come back,
you can guarantee that we will be ready.
Until then, we are going to continue to grow
and excel in our fourth silo: Virtual Events.

We were busy with Virtual Events over the last nine months – here is a look at a few things we poured into our Virtual Events during that time:

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