It’s All in a Name…Tag

August 9, 2022

Picture this: You are attending a networking event, chatting with a familiar face, but their name escapes you. You look at their nametag for help, but the text is far too small. You panic and find your focus drifting from the conversation to your mental Rolodex of possible names: “Is it Jordan, Gerry? No, John, Jim. Jim, yes. Wait, no.” Do you continue without ever addressing the person by name? Do you stare awkwardly at their lapel slowly invading their personal space? In this all-too-common scenario, there is an obvious culprit: A poorly designed name badge! 

A well-thought-out nametag is crucial to hosting an event where people can meet and conversate successfully. Nametags are not only a valuable networking tool for attendees, but they are also a representation of your brand. Nametags are an extension of your event and something your attendees should never feel hesitant or embarrassed to wear. 

It is important to consider all design aspects when creating nametags such as color, font, font size, and legibility. Choose a font and font size that is easily read from a comfortable distance. It is recommended to use a clean, simple font. A font with serifs, for instance, can be difficult to read. Avoid a background color that interferes with or distracts from the text. When choosing a background color, it is important to select a contrasting color to that of the font.  

It is also important to consider how this badge will be worn. Pin-on badges can harm fine fabrics. Adhesives can leave a residue. You don’t want to risk ruining your attendees’ clothes. For lapel nametags, magnets or clips are a safe option. Lanyards are great in some instances, but they also place names in an inconvenient line of vision.  

When it comes to nametags, the details matter! It may seem simple, but attention to these details shows consistency and professionalism. With a well-designed name badge, guests will feel as though every aspect of your event was carefully planned, all the way down to their name.