How to Select the Best Type of Hybrid Event

June 7, 2021

Live, in-person events are back!  …but do not expect 100% in-person attendance.

If Virtual Events taught us anything, it showed us that having a virtual option is sometimes just more convenient for your attendees. Whether attendees are looking to save on travel costs, want to feel safe in their own environment, or simply are looking to get a front-row seat through their personal device, offering a virtual element to your event is a great way to maximize attendance and elevate your event. Everyone knows how to use Zoom now, and sometimes that virtual option is just more convenient.

When your event has a mix of in-person and virtual attendees, that is a hybrid event. With these different audiences comes different perspectives, so how do you deliver the best experience for your hybrid attendees? By choosing the right hybrid event type:

Hybrid Event Types – Corinthian Events – Download

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