Fun Interruptions Welcome! Four Games to Play at Your Next Virtual Staff Meeting

January 14, 2021

Can you count the number of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other virtual meetings you have had over the last year? How about since January 1st? (Almost two weeks ago, by the way. We are already halfway through the month.)

Let’s make a resolution in 2021 to not let our video calls get too boring. Interrupt the monotony with a fun game! Here are four games you and your team can play at your next meeting, even if it is only for a few minutes:

Family Feud

Since 1976, the television game show Family Feud has been a hit for all experience levels and play styles. Two teams compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions – pretty straightforward!

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Jeopardy has coined itself “America’s Favorite Quiz Show”, and it is hard to disagree. In Jeopardy, contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in ythe form of answer, and must phrase their responses as a question. Confusing? No! This is Jeopardy!

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Sporcle is the “World’s Largest Trivia Quiz Website” and features thousands of free online trivia quiz games. From music trivia to geography questions to sports facts – Sporcle has something for everyone!

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Pictionary is one of the easiest, most fun games to play on a video call. Grab a piece of paper and a marker, or use the whiteboard in your Zoom platform, and get to drawing! Split into teams or play every person for themselves – your meeting, your rules!

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