Ask the Office: Where Do You Pull Creative Inspiration for Events?

January 12, 2023

With each new year, we are once again, excited by the opportunity to get our creative juices flowing. The prospect of taking on a new slate of events and the opportunity to execute something unique and different for each is what drives our collaborative efforts as a team. As we start planning for a new year, many of us lean on a variety of resources to spark the creativity. Here are some of our favorites!


  1. PartySlate

A hub for all things events, PartySlate is a great place to spend time browsing for inspiration. Use the search feature on the site to enter keywords and narrow topics by category based on your desired outcome. Whether you are looking for décor themes, unique venues, or fun activations for guests to enjoy, PartySlate will point you in the right direction. You can also browse collections of event ideas curated specially by the PartySlate team!


  1. Industry News Guides

What’s making headlines right now? Check out sites such as BizBash, The Venue Report, or The Cool Hunter, for updates on the newest hotels, restaurants, group getaways, and more. BizBash will keep you up to date on all the latest event trends and production strategies to incorporate into your next event. Planning a destination management program for a client? The Venue Report and The Cool Hunter will provide you with inspiration from places to stay, dine, and sightsee all around the world. Just enter your desired city in the search bar to get started!


  1. Social Media

It may seem obvious, but social media platforms have a breadth of inspiring event-related content if you know where to look. On Instagram, you can search relevant keywords or hashtags and browse results on your explore page. Spend time watching Instagram Reels to see how others are planning events from start to finish. Don’t forget about Pinterest, which is still a great tool to create a mood board for your next event and see what trends others are loving. Across all social media platforms, following other planners, designers, or even marketing and PR agencies will curate a feed that motivates and inspires you for the new year. The Corinthian Events team noted @thisismkg as one of their go-to accounts!


  1. Movies and TV Shows

Next time you’re binging a new television series or watching the latest feature film, pay attention to the set design and locations. Are the characters attending a lavish party, dining at a unique restaurant, or embarking on an excursion around a new city? Make note of any elements that are intriguing or pique your interest. Something may inspire an idea for your next event! You can also check out business reality shows like Shark Tank, which the Corinthian Events team noted as a favorite for finding out-of-the-box ideas.


  1. The Team

Every great planner knows that no matter the event, you can’t do it alone. Call your team together for a brainstorm or ask people in your office to help you generate ideas. Ask each other what themes, venues, or activities have been well received in the past. Can you tweak or reimagine something to fit a new client? Collaborative, creative brainstorming with colleagues can often result in the best, most unique ideas. Here’s to continued collaboration in 2023!


Hopefully these resources help spark your creativity and inspire new experiences for the year ahead. Let’s get planning!


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