ADMEI: Renewing Business Relationships with Deeper Trust, Transparency, and Understanding

May 20, 2021


“A return to normalcy.”
“Getting back to events.”
“Working our way back to gathering again.”

This week, the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) shared their plan for turning these hopeful sentiments into reality. While the industry seemed to be slowed almost to a standstill during the pandemic, ADMEI assembled a group of thought-leaders, including our very own Jill Tate and Jamie Hellesen, to focus on “learning new skills, updating their services, incorporating new health and safety measures, assessing local suppliers, and reviewing current business practices with an eye on improvement, evolution, and ongoing business viability.”

The deeper a Destination Management Company understands their services and processes, the better they can strengthen and grow their business relationships with clients, vendors, and contractors. To learn more about the importance of understanding DMC Value, your Proposal Process, the benefit of a Letter of Engagement, the merit of an extensive Site Inspection, and more:

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