2021: The Year of the Ox aka Strength & Indomitable Spirit

February 9, 2021

2021 is The Year of the Ox, the second zodiac sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle. In our opinion, The Year of the Ox is the perfect fit for 2021, as the zodiac sign symbolizes hard work, discipline, and – most importantly – strength & indomitable spirit.

The Lunar New Year is on Friday, February 12th, and is a holiday about health, luck, and reuniting with family. As we all try to push 2020 behind us and set this year on a positive path, celebrating the Lunar New Year is a good place to start! There are plenty of enjoyable and festive ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year and The Year of the Ox, and we would love to help. If you would like help planning and executing your celebration – or any other virtual, in-person, or hybrid eventcontact us today!

For more information on The Year of the Ox and how it aligns with the Event Industry, read Amanda Ma’s article over at!

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash