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The Trends You Need to Know for Your 2020 Event

Your guide for which event trends are in, which are out, and which have been refitted for 2020.

Key Contributors: Parys Zambas & Perry Burnham

2020 will be the year of being considerate and selfless… right? We hope? Maybe not everywhere else, but in the event industry this actually seems to be the case! In the new year, events will emphasize sustainability and reducing waste, accommodations for guests with disabilities will become the standard rather than a benefit, and planners, hosts, and party-goers will ask the question, "what happens to all of this stuff at the end of the night?" Ultimately, the trends in 2020 are not only going to help make for better events, but are motivated by making those events better for the environment and people around us.

Oh, and we have some new stuff to get excited about like augmented reality, unconventional venues, and, of course, a new Color Of The Year (goodbye "Living Coral", hello "Classic Blue").

Use this guide to see what trends will be big in 2020, what will carry over from 2019, and what we can say goodbye to in the new year!


Sustainability is the new norm.

Although sustainability itself is not a trend, the event industry's adaptation of sustainable event practices significantly increased in 2019. This goes beyond reusable water bottles – events have adopted recycling, 'green' plates, utensils, and cups are being used at an increasing rate, and even name badges are routinely being collected post-event for recycling. Food waste has also been brought to focus, as locally sourced food and vegetarian options is something attendees value now more than ever. Tradeshows and conferences received increased scrutiny for their waste production and have been forced to adapt accordingly, which ultimately means a move toward sustainability across the board.

This "trend" from 2019 is not going to fade away in 2020. Sustainability in events will become the new norm as the pressure on tradeshows and conferences to be more conscious about the post-event use of their materials continues to increase. Sustainability will come with many challenges as companies feel the pressure to create a genuine and unique experience, raising the question of how planners can adapt to have both – This is something to watch in 2020.


Transportation TO the Event Often IS the Event

One of the main trends that people like to call out from 2019 is the festivalization of events. This festivalization is really just a continuation of the trend towards events being experiences, and the measurement of success being engagement. Unconventional venues became a part of this in 2019 to help create the experience.

In 2020, events as an experience will be more important than ever. To continue to push limits and create unique spaces, means of transportation will be used as a 'venue' in 2020. Whether that manifest as a full venue or a cocktail hour, the increase in transport in this regard has already shown increase in 2020. Cruise ships, boats, planes and trains are all viable options. This allows the event to begin before even arriving at the venue, or continue on after. It also allows for guests to "experience" the journey together with the option to see multiple sites or even cities. Event planners and guests alike are in search of a unique experience in 2020 – Event planners will have to think outside of the box with venues and transportation in order to make this happen.


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