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Anyone who has ever planned an event in New England knows that trying to anticipate the weather can be a futile endeavor. You learn not to trust the forecast and prepare for the worst! Most days, that means having umbrellas ready in case of rain, and blankets or jackets in case it gets chilly, maybe something heavy to weigh things down if it's windy. But what if it got too hot… in November?

That's the New England we know! Imagine, a fall day with leaves still on the trees, and the good fortune of clear weather and a high of 80 degrees! That's great, except the Sun turned our event tent into a virtual greenhouse!

Throwing a networking event for a major tech company, we began the day with a Biergarten Event inside a clear top, 30-foot by 40-foot party tent. During the day, or even at night, clear-top tents are a great opportunity to let in natural light or allow views of a beautiful sky during a fun event, cocktail hour, or even dinner. The one thing you have to look out for is the greenhouse effect it creates!

During the day, with the sun beating down on us as we were setting up, the tent was getting hotter and hotter … and more humid? We took down most of the sides just to create a breeze and cool off the space for everyone working. Soon enough, condensation was forming at the top of the tent – we were steaming up our event! This wouldn't be a very clear view if it didn't dry up.

Luckily, we had started to cool off the inside of the tent in time for the Sun to start drying up the condensation, while the breeze kept things comfortable inside. With 5 minutes to spare, everything looked – and felt – perfect once again!

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Perry Burnham is a new Event Assistant here at Corinthian Events. She spends much of her day researching vendors, venues, and tours/activities. You'll find her hard at work compiling the building blocks of a proposal and then putting proposals together. More recently, she has also been working on the design side of things, finding linens that pair well together, working on floorplans, and assisting with themed parties!


Describing herself as orderly, dedicated, and strong-willed, Perry aspires to learn to paint watercolor. "I love to take photos, and I have so many that I wish I could transform into paintings!" Most of her painting talents currently involve painting on a larger scale. "I grew up in an old house and I quickly picked up the hobby of fixing up rooms around the house by painting, rearranging furniture, and adding art!" Perry says. "I also grew up in a shipyard, so I got to express that talent in painting boats, lobster buoys and more!"

Any other talents? "I used to play the clarinet for a brief moment…I also used to play the piano. My musical talents are not strong."

Perry not only grew up around boats and scenic landscapes. Perry says her house was haunted! "I grew up in a super old family home and I would see ghosts all the time! I remember every time I told my parents about the shadow of a person I saw they would always be able to identify what family member it was."


And what if you didn't have to work, what would you do? "I love to travel and wish I could spend all my time exploring new places and taking in all that the world has to offer," Perry says. "I especially enjoy seeing the seasons change in new locations, biking around a new city, and trying new foods."

"I also met some of my best friends while traveling and staying in hostels," she adds. "Which led me to have friends all over the country and the world!"

Perry, Welcome to the Team!

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