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You know that feeling when you wake up after running a huge event and your legs ache, feet hurt, and you are exhausted? Well, it's amazing how many miles you can actually cover in a day.

Thinking about Marathon Monday, all the Corinthian Events staff tracked their miles on site this week and we've already run well over two marathons in just 7 days.

Here's the math...

-Employee Meeting & Team Building in Vermont - 1 Day
  • Tamara & Dawn – 4.6 MILES TOTAL

  • -PAX East Hospitality Party - 3 Days with set, event & breakdown
  • Dawn & Jamie – 30.46 MILES TOTAL … more than a marathon all in itself!

  • -Fundraising Gala - 1 Day
  • Megan, Erin & Jill -12.6 MILES TOTAL

  • -Bat Mitzvah - 1 Day, 3 Venues
  • Elizabeth, Megan & Claudia - 16.4 MILES TOTAL

  • -Exhibition - 5 Days
  • Courtney, Jenni, Hanna - 8.4 MILES TOTAL

  • -Hospitality Suite - 1 Day
  • Dawn & Tamara -3.2 MILES TOTAL

  • TOTAL 75.66 MILES!

    So next time you wake up after an event a little sore, skip the gym that day. You've put in your miles!

    Posted By: Corinthian Events

    Occasionally, we are asked by a client to plan a team-building event for their employees or staff, but sometimes it can turn into a team-building session of our own! Waiting for the "OK" to go on a particular team-building event, we found ourselves with just weeks to plan and execute a recent event.

    Luckily, we've come across one of the most popular team-builders in Boston today. The "Survey Says" game (based on a popular TV game show), has been a hit with groups of all different sizes. The host was engaging, funny and a perfect fit for the evening and activity. With little time to bring everything together, the teamwork and collaborative efforts pulled everyone through.

    We even had some seasonally early snow for a mid-fall evening! But clearly we were ready for anything.

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