Virtual Graduations – 6 Reasons it can be an Enjoyable Alternative!

March 9, 2021

The first response you hear when you mention the idea Virtual Graduation is always something along the lines of, “oh what a bummer, all of those graduates are going to miss that experience.” We agree and we all feel for everyone who should be walking across that stage this year (and last year!) to receive their diploma, but we are here to look on the bright side: Six reasons virtual graduations actually can be an enjoyable alternative!

1. You don’t have to get there early to reserve seats.

Organizing the family is a challenge in itself, but organizing the family to go somewhere hours early? That is an obstacle course that we are happy to avoid.

2. No awkward conversation over saved seats.

“That coat on that chair will magically turn into my Uncle Mike in about 45 minutes, sorry!”

3. Great view.

See #1. You may have to get there a little early to save your favorite spot on the couch.


4. Snack bar!

…drink cart?

5. Excellent video footage.

The camera following your graduate is (probably) better than your phone or ancient family video camera. Bonus: you won’t be stuck behind the guy holding his phone above his head recording the whole ceremony like he is at a music festival.

6. Cheer, whistle, and celebrate as loud as you want without facing the side-eye from others.

For this is a day to celebrate!

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