Right Here In Boston: Interactive Outdoor Art – Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0

February 23, 2021

Looking for a pit stop for your next city walk? Plan a hike through the Seaport and check out Esrawe + Cadena‘s art installation Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0 that offers a chance to reflect on the meaning of home… while swinging on it!

Image: Boston Seaport

“This installation activates public spaces through emotional and playful design, it shows the value of human interaction, the tendency to socialize is behind and the core of the project. Shaping integrated communities is a major task that needs to be tackled with imagination, an open mind, and most importantly, a co-creative and playful spirit. We chose the most basic shape or pictogram recognizable by all audiences, one that will relate to the idea of warmth, comfort, safety, & welcoming. Because of its shape, the installation has the possibility to be reconfigured in the multiple scenarios and be able to host multiple activities but considering the recommended distance.”

For more information, check out the Touring Exhibit Webpage, or visit Secret Boston and find more hidden gems around the city!

Featured Image:

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