Nonprofit Newsletter: Observations from the 2022 Season

March 23, 2023

Introducing the Corinthian Events Nonprofit Newsletter!

If you ask our planners what events they have coming up this spring, chances are that one of them is a nonprofit gala. A big part of our business at Corinthian Events is comprised of the various nonprofit clients we work with each year.

We’re taking you along with us as we head into the 2023 nonprofit gala season, sharing everything from helpful tips and tricks to our biggest learning moments.

When working on any type of event for consecutive years, it is important to reflect on the previous year, be mindful of what practices work best, and take note of how the event can evolve. For our first installment of the Nonprofit Newsletter, here are our main observations from the 2022 nonprofit event season.

Program Structure
Keep the program portion of your nonprofit event short and concise! The nonprofit events we executed in 2022 showed us that clients are shifting away from lengthy seated dinners and opting for more reception-style events. The program of a nonprofit event should be impactful and memorable without eating up too much of your overall event time. Guests enjoy the opportunity to mingle and network, so make sure the structure of your event allows for that.

A trend we are seeing at nonprofit events, and within the larger event industry, is a greater focus on sustainability. Clients value the content and experience of their event over disposable items such as programs and menu cards. Many of our clients utilize apps for their events to provide guests with all the necessary information and cut down on paper waste. One of the ways we have adapted to be more sustainable is by using vellum centerpieces over floral centerpieces. Vellum centerpieces can be customized to the organization, serve double duty as table numbers, and be reused afterward!

Above all else, the one thing that is going to connect with your guests is good storytelling. A meaningful story and impactful message are the most effective ways to prompt guests to donate to your organization. When choosing content for the program of your nonprofit event, focus on conveying your message effectively and telling a story that will resonate with guests. Presenting the need for donations should evoke emotion and pull at people’s heartstrings. Real-world examples and success stories will help guests visualize the value of their contribution. If you can use storytelling to make a personal connection with each person in the room, they will reciprocate with donations to help reach your goal.

These takeaways have been top of mind for our team as we plan for nonprofit events this season, and we hope they help you rethink the best ways to execute a nonprofit event. Check back in April for another installment of Nonprofit Newsletter where we share our tips and tricks for getting through a busy nonprofit event season!


Photo Credit: Maura Wayman Photography and Jeff Pinette Photography


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