Destination Management Companies (DMC) have never been more important than in their new role of COVID navigators

November 11, 2020

Written by: Jamie Hellesen, DMCP

In March, as the Pandemic began to shut down all in-person events, the meetings and hospitality industry was turned upside down. Now, more than eight months later, as we continue to navigate postponements and cancellations, professional planners and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) are more important than ever. DMCs have become critical way finders for clients trying to navigate COVID safety protocols, city ordinances, and the fluid hospitality landscape.

We know that our on-the-ground expertise is crucial in helping our clients navigate a city’s and state’s fast-changing rules and regulations, and there are a few new considerations:

What clients knew about our city, the venues and restaurants they loved, unfortunately may no longer exist in 2021. 

What we all knew about safety protocols yesterday may have changed this morning. 

Our friends and colleagues in the industry have changed or have needed to move-on to other industries.

DMC professionals add much needed support and expertise in navigating next steps in the planning process.

Corinthian Events, along with most DMCs and planners, have developed new skills during these unprecedented times and have begun to expand our business practices to become a more sustainable force within the meeting industry. All the while, the industry remains hopeful that by Q2 of 2021 business levels will begin to normalize. 

No matter what the short-term outlook holds, virtual events are here to stay. Stakeholders and attendees miss in-person connections that virtual experiences cannot fully replace and that’s where hybrid events will begin to flourish and help balance the offset. We look forward to a full pivot towards hybrid events and being able to guide our client successfully and safely into that new domain.

Until then, most state and city regulations prevent us from planning in-person events which has led to a devastating < 65% reduction of DMCs staff and operations. 

Corinthian Events remains strong and continues to expand our services, experience, and talents to meet your needs and remain your resourceful go-to strategic partner.

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