Cocktails are Out, Mocktails are In!

November 9, 2023

One food and beverage trend we have seen pop up this year is requests for nonalcoholic drink options. More of our clients are requesting to include mocktails and nonalcoholic beers on the bar menus at their events – and we are loving it!

Mocktails have always been prevalent as a fun alternative to alcoholic beverages, but the recent boost in popularity sparked conversation among the team. Some mentioned nonalcoholic beer favorites such as the Samuel Adams Nonalcoholic Hazy IPA, and others pointed to restaurants like Trade, the innovative Mediterranean spot in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood that offers a rotating menu of seasonal mocktails.

We rounded up the team’s favorite mocktail recipes for you to try. These recipes are perfect to make at home but could also end up being the signature cocktail at your next event!


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Cover Photo Credit: Maura Wayman Photography