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Finally! The day we have all been waiting for has arrived! Today is National Boston Cream Pie Day!

Now, I am sure you have some questions. So do we. We likely don't have the answers to your questions, so you can poke around here for those, but maybe you have the answers to our two big questions:

The big question on everyone's mind: Pie? Is this not a cake?
We tried to research the differences between pie and cake, but instead found ourselves in the middle of the longstanding battle of pie vs. cake. We will leave the rest of the research up to you.

National? Boston?
We understand that "Boston Cream" is the actual filling, but using "National" and "Boston" consecutively like that is a little confusing. Is anyone outside of Boston celebrating this? Do people in Boston celebrate this just today, or do they celebrate it every day?

Enjoy the holiday!

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Relationships (especially friendships!) are a two-way street.

At Corinthian Events, we are always trying to get to know our clients, valued partners, friends and followers better – but we also want YOU to be able to get to know us better, too. Once a month, we are going to use our social media accounts to bring you behind the scenes and experience a few days-in-the-life of a Corinthian Events Staff Member.

We are excited to announce that this week, Emmy Lumasag, one of our incredible event managers, will be taking over our Instagram feed! Tune in all week for posts, stories, pictures and videos directly from Emmy!

You can get to know a little about all of our staff members by visiting our Team Page, but to kick off Emmy's Instagram Takeover, let's get to know her a little better with a quick Q&A:

Q1: What is a secret talent you have that we may not know about?
I am really good at karaoke.

Q2: Musically talented! Can you play any instruments?
Piano and violin – but I am really out of practice.

Q3: What are three things still left on your bucket list?
1. To travel around the rest Asia (aka other than the Philippines).
2. To start my own business and have a safe space for the youth to express themselves.
3. Meet the Backstreet Boys!

Q4: Do you have any phobias?
Styrofoam. Makes me cringe.

Q5: What was your first job? More importantly -- what was the job you had where you were like, "I definitely can't do this for much longer"?
I was a barista for a coffee shop in my home town and I strongly disliked the smell of coffee in my hair!

Bonus: Choose a movie title for the story of your life.
"EMMY" Like the awards…

Be sure to follow along with Emmy all week on our Instagram!

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