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There are so many factors that go into planning an event. The guests, the food, the lighting, the props, the furniture, did we mention the guests? Oh, and don't forget everyone that will be working the event, not just attending. How do you make it all fit?

No, really, where is it all going to go? This is one of the toughest lessons to learn in the events world. You've worked out your floorplan. Every guest has a seat. Every entrance has a sign. Every table has enough chairs. And now the caterer's kitchen can set up… oh, wait. And we'll need some space for the lighting control. Oh, and the DJ. Where will people line up for registration? They can't be waiting outside the door! And now the bar is too close to the dinner area and … now there's no room to stand.

It is so difficult to keep track of everything you've thought of since the genesis of an idea for an event. That's one area where Corinthian Events can help! We are trained to know just how big of an event space you will need for your occasion – including all your vendors!

We recently ran into this challenge with a client who was very excited to throw a carnival-themed event at the Castle at Park Plaza, a beautiful, historic landmark in downtown Boston that is ideal for many events. However, the venue is essentially one large room, with little in the way of divisions. Corinthian Events was originally brought in simply to help with the floor plan, but before long, we ran out of floor!While the Castle is the perfect spot for many of these events, our client realized late in the game, with our help, that there was a need for more room!


Our team immediately had a short list of about three venues to contact for availability. In no time, the Seaport World Trade Center's convention space was booked, and there was enough room for every booth, every game and every guest.

It's a great lesson in considering every aspect of your event when it comes to choosing your venue. It's not just the guests and their chairs that have to fit in the space. There's always one more thing to add!

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Boston is an especially popular destination for tourism (despite the unpredictable weather!), so it's not surprising that we find ourselves planning a lot of tours of the historic American metropolis for our clients.

This past month, Corinthian Events helped visitors to Boston explore the city through their choice of culinary, educational or active tours. With more than 100 guests, we needed to group folks into smaller clusters. This meant 13 tours running simultaneously! The groups ranged from seven to 20 participants at a time. Our friendly staff and exceptional vendors worked with us as last-minute changes were made. Groups sizes varied and changed to accommodate guests who needed to leave early to return to work, as well as those who wanted to stay longer because they were having so much fun. We worked closely with venue staff and had different sized coaches staged at various points, so guests never had to walk a long distance.


Transition to the evening's festivities was not without its challenges, but our staff handled the logistics seamlessly. The day's tours wrapped up just as our vendors arrived to unload for the evening party. Trusted vendors and savvy staff managed curbside arrivals and décor setup simultaneously as the coaches dropped off guests while the loading dock filled with deliveries. The client was very pleased with the day, and we walked away very proud of our work.

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