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Meet Angela Jacob, our Graphics Design and Social Media Manager. Angela joined our team in March 2018 jumping in head first. With 5 years' experience under her belt she was ready for the fast-paced world of events.


It was clear from a young age Angela's passion was in the arts. Her family would say she started her graphic design career as a toddler making "masterpieces" on any surface she could! After perfecting her skills at Simmons College, Angela started her design career in trade show design; this is where her passion for event design became evident. Learning as much as she could, she continued her career working at two global media corporations. Landing the fast-paced environment at Corinthian Events, Angela spends most of her day designing event signage, anything from backdrops to menu cards. Angela thrives on creativity, engagement and strategy helping her excel as a social media expert.


Outside the office, Angela's interests range far and wide. You can find her relaxing with a paint brush, hiking a mountain, or zooming down a roller coaster. Angela is always ready to push her limits and take a chance especially if it means crossing another item off her bucket list!


The center of Angela's world is her family and friends. Whether its grabbing a bite with friends at a local bar or going back to her hometown to watch a movie at the drive-in with her family, she always has a smile on her face when surrounded by loved ones.


Angela, Welcome to the Team!

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Since 2000 we've been planning memorable events and winning clients over through our detailed, service-oriented approach coupled with a creative, calm, trustworthy and approachable demeanor.

We believe our success is largely attributed to our strong beliefs in team work, passion, details, honesty, accountability, respect and dedication to each other, the company and our clients. An integral part of how we operate at Corinthian Events is sticking to our core values.

Love what you do. Be committed to our company and our team. Be motivated and dedicated to our growth and success.

Be honest and trustworthy at all times.

Be humble, fun loving, supportive and a respectful team player.

Be accountable, collaborative and an efficient strategic thinker who takes initiative and gets it done!

Know the details, listen well, present yourself well, tell it like it is, deliver through service, respect our partners and manage your time well.


These core values are not only what define us as a company, they are also what drives us to move forward and keep learning along the way. They mean so much to us, that they are even on our walls in our office. As members of the Corinthian Events team we stand by our core values not just for work but they are instilled in our personal lives as well!

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