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After all the pre-planning and excitement leading up to an event comes to an end, the first on-site experience for the guests is registration. This critical 2-minute experience sets the tone and has a lasting impact on the registrants' impression of the event. We take great care to ensure that registration gets the attention and orchestration it needs to start everyone off with a smile!

The first element to ensuring success is making sure the actual check-in area is easy to find using great directional signage and event branding. Once at registration, all guests are greeted by a friendly face for a seamlessly electronic check-in. No more messy lists! Just a quick tap of a button and all critical guest information is pulled up.

At a recent event, we designed custom laminate badges with clean graphics setting an elevated and professional tone for the event that were also functional. Using color coding, guests were easily identified by their badges as being 1 of 11 different types of guests attending the meeting (that's a lot of designations!). To highlight the fact that guests were coming from all over the country, we were sure to include the guests' business location. These little details served as a great networking tools throughout the event. The feature that made the badges extra special was the guest's pre-printed personalized agenda on the back. This meeting was comprised of over 25 breakout and general sessions. With a complex merge of over 60 data fields, everyone was relieved to know their personal event guide was just a lanyard away!

Getting started on the right foot is always important. For this recent client, a friendly face, a seamless check-in, and a custom badge (with custom swag!) makes for the perfect welcome.

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Krishna Birthday Header

Pulling off the perfect surprise birthday party requires a lot of clever planning. Our client, Munirih, had the perfect recipe for a surprise birthday party for her husband, Krishna. Did you ever think it would start off with the MIT Women in Science Panel? Well… in this recipe she had all the right ingredients! Munirih told her husband that once a month for a year she was having dinner with the MIT women in Science Panel but all along she was having dinner with her girlfriends and planning Krishna an unforgettable 40th birthday party.


One of the best ways to ensure that the party is indeed a surprise is by leading your guest of honor to a location where they wouldn't expect a party to be held. In this case, Munirih thought to host the surprise party at the Museum of Science where Krishna is a board member. She told him they were going to the final dinner of the MIT Women in Science panel and that she wanted him to attend. Munirih knew that Krishna would never expect it to turn into a celebration for his birthday.


The big surprise took place in the Hall of Human Life. Micha Brooks, Business Development & Senior Account Manager, was stationed in the lobby to keep an eye out for the couple's arrival. Meanwhile, Claudia Hankowski, Account Manager, tracked the couple's Uber ride to the Museum of Science and helped guests to strategically hide in the Hall of Human Life.

Eagerly awaiting the couples arrival, Micha stuck to the plan and said the code sentence "Guest count is 70", to alert Claudia that Krishna had entered the building. Guested shouted out "SURPRISE!" on Claudia's cue which caught Krishna by total surprise… he was in absolute shock and had no idea what was going on!

Krishna Birthday 1

Munirih's year of clever lies and planning payed off and the guest of honor will certainly never forget this very special 40th birthday party.


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