Ask around. We throw amazing, rockin’, bringing-down-the-house events, and we’re proud of that. Take a look through our website and you’ll see what we mean. But that's not the whole story… at Corinthian Events, it’s really all about you.
Our approach is simple. We come from the service side of the business, not the sales side.  Profitability is not our main focus; our main focus is you. We want to not only meet but exceed your goals and expectations, while becoming an integral part of your team. If we do this, and continually do it well, together we will be successful.
What else should you know? We all truly love our job, we love our team, and we love Corinthian Events. Loving what you do and who you do it with contributes to giving 100% to it and having fun in the process.
Corinthian Events is Boston's truly full service special event planning and destination management company. We hope our website, reputation and recommendations show you we do amazing work We can do it all, start to finish... soup to nuts.  Or perhaps you are just looking for an appetizer or dessert. We will provide the missing pieces you need.
Take a look at our website - give us a chance to help with your next event or program or just call us to chat.
We like people!
The Corinthian Events Team


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