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An event theme is the central idea upon which the rest of the event is based and can therefore be the event's success or downfall. A theme can help to add structure and style to any event if chosen wisely. The client wanted a nautical theme for their VIP Reception at The Wharf Room in the Boston Harbor Hotel. With iconic views of the Boston Harbor waterfront, the twinkling lights of the city skyline, and the dramatic 19-foot ceiling with glittering chandeliers, this theme was perfect for the venue.








The space stood out from your standard nautical theme as it had aquatic touches carried out in every aspect of the event. From custom napkins, straws, serving trays and graphics, Senior Account Manager, Megan Woonton had the space oozing in style. She was even able to have an ice sculpture made to match the graphic element of a lighthouse throughout the print materials.


The attendees had flown from all over the country to attend this VIP reception. Having the event in the center of Boston was such a treat for those visiting the city for the first time. Megan had brought in large marquee letters as a focal point in the room over looking the gorgeous waterfront view. After dinner this marquee installation became the ultimate Instagram photo opportunity for guests. Later in the evening, Megan removed the "T" so guests could take their spot as the "T" in "Boston" for a gorgeous destination photo.

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... Sadly, Accidents Do Happen.

It was a warm summer day and our conference was held in the center of Boston. Traffic was bad, so we continuously checked the traffic report to make sure that the client was aware of the travel time to our venue.

Our coaches arrived 30 minutes early to transport guests to the venue. A 15 minutes staging time is normally adequate but with the amount of traffic the coaches wanted to be sure to be on time for us!

The coaches were asked to move round to a less congested staging area, and when doing so, one of the coaches was involved in a traffic accident. This resulted in one of our coaches being out of service.

We had 15 minutes untill the departure time, one coach down, and terrible traffic to contend with! Time for Plan B.


Step 1 (after we made sure our driver was not injured and safe): We called our transportation partner and explained the situation. They sent another coach out immediately from their yard.

Step 2: We informed the client of the incident and that we had another coach on its way but cautioned that there may be a delay due to traffic in the City.

Step 3: We informed our team that was stationed at the venue that there may be a delay. We gave them minute by minute updates.

Step 4: Our staff were positioned in the lobby, greeting guests and keeping a cool calm exterior. A few jokes helped pass the time as well!

Step 5: The coach finally arrives 10 minutes after the scheduled departure time, we loaded the guests immediately and were on our way.

Thankfully, we budgeted in extra time due to the traffic initially, which meant that by the time we reached the venue we were only 5 minutes later than originally expected. Thus, not drastically changing the scheduled timeline for the evening.

Event Nightmare: Micha Brooks, CMP, DMCP
Title: Business Development & Senior Account Manager


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