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At Corinthian Events, we pride ourselves in creating events that solve the needs of our clients, their guests and their stakeholders and we'll admit to you a little secret of the event industry... Sometimes it can be stressful. Truth be told, Event Planning is the 5th most stressful job according to careercast.com. Convene.com actually even created an article about changing that along with tips and tricks.

We'd like to offer our own suggestions, courtesy of the Event Planners of Corinthian Events:
1. Take a Deep Breath and Count Votives
Seriously try it sometime. We have shelves and shelves of them for your stress relief!

2. Go for a Run/Walk
Get out and take in the fresh air. Make sure to stop at Macy's and pick-up a great new pair of shoes... always works.

3. Make a List
Write down all your to do's. Order them in priority order. Then burn it.

Still feeling stressed? Take a nap in a hotel lobby. Just make sure your team doesn't catch you and take a photo...


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The three R's refers to the foundation of a basic education (Reading/Writing/Arithmetic) yet at Corinthian Events, they'd be better considered; Retreat, Refresh, Red Wine. Our retreat doesn't involve yoga or a dude-ranch, it is instead a Senior Account Managers (SAM) Retreat: the ultimate opportunity to gather outside the office and have a do a collective focus on the past year and what is to come for the new year.

Each year at Corinthian Events, the pace is lightning fast. We are learning and evolving constantly. This is our chance to step-back and look at all the experiences of the year. In 2017, we brought event production to a new level of excellence, and yet we are constantly raising the bar! Our goal is to do better – every event, every day, every time!

This is the Senior Managers' chance to take a communal deep breath. They collaborate about how our team can work smarter, not harder; as our office motto goes! They focus on how we can evolve with our ever-changing industry to stay ahead of the curve. This year, ideas were abundant. 2017's challenges and successes were dissected with equal value. Management, communication, and creativity discussions, highlighted where we can always expect more. And, in the evenings, we took the time to cook, eat and enjoy each other's company.

The SAM Retreat is part of what keeps us connected and fresh and reminds us that every day is an opportunity not just to do, but to do better!

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