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With Father's Day around the corner, what better way to honor your Dad than with some staple Father's Day gifts: whimsical socks, bow ties or a new tool box, Am I right?! Most importantly thank your father for always showing up to your rescue whether it's to kill a spider or to change a tire, every lame dad joke that you secretly loved, and for shaping the person you grew up to be.

A special shout out to the only father at Corinthian Events this year, Rich Tate, Bookkeeper. Keep killing the dad game!


So, if you're a Dad out there this holiday season, THANK YOU for all that you do for your children and Happy Father's Day!


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New Profit's Gathering of Leaders is one of the nation's most influential convenings of top social innovators and their counterparts in business, government, philanthropy, media, technology, and academia. This year was their 20th Anniversary, it was no surprise they chose Boston as the hosting city as it is where New Profit first began. While planning this event one thing became clear, a focus on connections was happening throughout this two-day event. What better way to clearly portray connection than through string.

A large custom peg wall was a focal point that was an interactive element that continually changed throughout the conference.


The peg wall was based off of the delta in the New Profit logo. We split the logo into 4 groups by date of birth: Builders, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y/Z. The pegs had a descriptive word written on them and it was up to each group to answer the question "What energizes you most as you consider the future of your work?" by using string to loop around each word that applied to them. The end result was the delta logo covered in colorful string portraying the connections and ideals of each group.

In addition we applied this idea in multiple parts of the event. From string decorated centerpieces and custom cats cradle packs at each guests seat, touches of string portraying connection were at every corner.


By adding a simple element like string to your event, you can give it a whole new twist!

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