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How do you host an after party at Lucky Social, which is located behind Fenway Park, on the same day as the Red Sox home opener – with lots of impeccable logistics of course!

When our client came to us and wanted to host their after party at Lucky Social on the same day as the Red Sox home opener, we couldn't say no – it's just not in our vocabulary. We knew it would be tricky and we'd need help from a lot of our partners, but we saw it as an opportunity to showcase our logistical planning and we were up for the challenge!

The event was to happen on Thursday, April 5th with doors opening at 9:30pm, the Red Sox were playing a 2:05pm game and if you've ever been near Fenway Park on a game day, you know it's a traffic nightmare.



Here is what we had to do to make it happen!


The event ended at 1:30am and we had planned to breakdown the next morning. At 7am we were back onsite to load out all the rentals, what's that you say – the freight elevator is broken? No problem, we got this, and like that we and our amazing partners hand carried all of the rentals and décor down 3-flights of stairs!!

Logistics is very important to the planning process, as is the vendors and staff … it really does take a village! Oh and the Red Sox won that day, it was a great day for all in Boston!

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You know that feeling when you wake up after running a huge event and your legs ache, feet hurt, and you are exhausted? Well, it's amazing how many miles you can actually cover in a day.

Thinking about Marathon Monday, all the Corinthian Events staff tracked their miles on site this week and we've already run well over two marathons in just 7 days.

Here's the math...

Employee Meeting & Team Building in Vermont - 1 Day
  • Tamara & Dawn - 4.6 MILES TOTAL

  • PAX East Hospitality Party - 3 Days with set, event & breakdown
  • Dawn & Jamie - 30.46 MILES TOTAL … more than a marathon all in itself!

  • Fundraising Gala - 1 Day
  • Megan, Erin & Jill - 12.6 MILES TOTAL

  • Bat Mitzvah - 1 Day, 3 Venues
  • Elizabeth, Megan & Claudia - 16.4 MILES TOTAL

  • Exhibition - 5 Days
  • Courtney, Jenni, Hanna - 8.4 MILES TOTAL

  • Hospitality Suite - 1 Day
  • Dawn & Tamara - 3.2 MILES TOTAL

  • TOTAL 75.66 MILES!

    So next time you wake up after an event a little sore, skip the gym that day. You've put in your miles!

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