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Making the Connection

First impressions are everything, and registration is the first contact your guests encounter during your event. Your guests will be met with professionalism, kindness and feel at ease from start to finish. Here at Corinthian Events we believe that positioning technology is important to make registration a seamless process that sets the tone and has a lasting positive effect throughout your event. From your very first save-the-date email to event check-in, your registration process should be simple, powerful, seamless, and visually pleasing. We have extensive experience with guest-facing event technology including but not limited to event registration and check-in, email campaigns, responsive web design, mobile bidding, pop-up networks, and NFC/RFID tracking – and we know how to make these technologies work for you. Partner with us and we will build a registration system that is seamless and truly your own, and employ it to give your guests an effortless experience while delivering you powerful data.

"Corinthian Events accomplished everything very professionally--all while being approachable. It felt as if I was planning the event with a friend. I would also like to highlight how well they dealt with a potential fiasco. The invitations they had so carefully put together were initially blocked by our firewall and were not delivered to several recipients (no fault of Corinthian Events!). They worked through the night with me and our IS team to reach a resolution. Their efforts did not go unnoticed!"

Maya Espada, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Touch Tomorrow
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) hosts an annual science festival called TouchTomorrow, bringing thousands of people of all ages to enjoy science, technology and robots.

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Total Meeting Management: Interaction is Key
Meeting adjourned, the conference is over and guests are heading home. What do they remember from the event?

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Ready, Set, Bid!
Our Corinthian Events team worked with Power Launch to build their website, design email invites and branded registration site as well as integrate their email blasts seamlessly to convey all the right messaging.

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  • In House Graphic Designer & Coder
  • Registration Site Creation & Registration Management
  • Custom Designed Email Notifications & Invitations
  • Custom App Creation
  • Attendee Management
  • RSVP Tracking & Reporting
  • Mobile Bidding Solutions
  • Floor/ Seating Arrangements Layouts
  • On-site Check In & Registration Management
  • Name Tag / Collateral Creation & Distribution
  • Post Event Surveys
  • Eventbrite
  • Event Farm
  • SocialTables
  • CVent
  • MailChimp
  • RegOnline
  • BidPal
  • 501 Auctions
  • …And More




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