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It was a busy holiday season at Corinthian Events, but it's also one of our favorite times of year! This was a time for our clients to celebrate a successful year, experience some relief after months of hard work, and share a fun and relaxed evening with coworkers.


From wintry, silver snow to warm, inviting rooms of gold and greenery, filled with a glow as though the entire ballroom is lit by a single hearth, there were a lot of different takes on the traditional winter/holiday party. Our creative and inventive team was up to the task of designing a unique holiday party experience for each of our clients.


At one event, white and silver décor was washed in blue light, with a white, up-lit bar jumping out of the center of the room. Another party sported almost medieval-looking décor in a basement-level bar. Candles and lanterns gave the room a dark but festive feel.


Other events were brighter, almost electric. From table games like air hockey and foosball, to skiing décor and cardboard animal heads on the wall, we managed to turn one of Boston's most renowned ball rooms into the city's largest ski lodge!


At another, silver reindeer, white snowflakes, and blue tree ornaments created a winter wonderland. Yet another party offered craft beer, s'mores, and a flannel blanket around the fireplace feel, that had our guests feeling cozy!

There are so many ways to approach what may seem like a ho-hum, "we do this every year" type of event. With a little ingenuity and teamwork, it's possible to capture a special feel at every party during the holiday season.

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