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The city of Boston has a knack for presenting event planners with unique challenges, even as it shows us unique opportunities. Take, for example, a recent Investor Meeting for a local Venture Capital firm that took place at the exquisite Athenaeum on Beacon Street in Boston.

The Athenaeum is one of America's oldest and most distinguished independent libraries. Founded in 1807 by the Anthology Society, the Athenaeum's current building was opened in 1849, with renovations that added the fourth and fifth floor in 1914. It was designated as a National Historical Landmark in 1966.


With this much rich history built into the venue's walls, our challenge was to juxtapose a sleek and modern feel with the antiquity already present. A simple design, featuring black linen-less tables and chrome chairs offered a minimalist vibe, allowing the beauty of the library to shine through. The lighting inside took the same approach, highlighting the building's features in each space, while allowing the natural lighting that fell from above to fill the negative space.

Because we're in Boston, the logistics of working in a small, dense city are always an important piece of the planning process! But we were ready for every challenge, and the Athenaeum's staff was incredibly helpful throughout the planning process. With no traditional freight elevator, the vendors needed to load in from the street utilizing specially permitted parking spots and lots of extra muscle Fantastic teamwork overcame uncontrollable circumstances once again

The synergy was amazing. Working together with the client, the venue and each of our trusted vendors, each challenge was met with a collaborative attitude, and we knew we had the support of every team on site to make this event a success.

Gamaliel Bradford wrote of the Athenaeum in 1931, declaring, "it is safe to say that [no library] anywhere has more an atmosphere of its own, that none is more conducive to intellectual aspiration and spiritual peace." If such notions are true, then this was the perfect place to bring together brilliant business minds with a city's rich history and contemporary design.

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