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Signage... When hanging any banner inside a venue and you are not supplying the hardware, you do as much as you can to prepare, but there is still always a chance it will hang incorrectly. A few months ago, we were assisting a client with an event at a local Boston restaurant. The client requested a large banner to span across the full set of windows, so we had a 20' wide x 3' tall banner custom created for them. The restaurant had drape that could hang from the window, but there was no real system for the drape to hang on, it just hung off existing nails in the ceiling. We measured the exact space between the nails and made our grommets as large as possible to account for any small discrepancy in distance.

As we started to hang the banner, guess what happens? The grommets are just slightly off on a few nails, which means the entire banner is off. With the event starting in less than 90-minutes, we needed to think fast as to how we could hang this without guests realizing there was a problem. So, what did we do? We took the venues' existing drape and zip tied it to our banner so that our banner could then hang directly from the drape. Next, we took both the banner and drape – remember this was a 20' wide banner sitting atop a 30' wide x 10' tall piece of drape – and climbed on top of the back of the bench along the window and used even more zip ties to hang the drape from the existing nails. And one zip tie wasn't enough! We had to double zip tie it in order to hang correctly... we were certainly thankful for our event tool kit that we bring to every event!!

And with 15-minutes to spare, the banner was hung, and no one was the wiser! It was just another day in the life at CE…

Event Nightmare: Dawn Mogardo
Title: Senior Event Manager

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