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Trash is a byproduct of all events but isn't necessarily on everyone's radar. Through experience we know it's the little things that can trip you up. 4 hours into breakdown with nowhere to dispose of trash isn't fun, so be sure you know how it will be handled at the end of the night.

Many hotels and convention centers will dispose of trash but privately-operated venues may not have the in-house capabilities. It is better to be pro-active and be sure to speak with the venue beforehand to avoid any last minute stress.

If trash removal services are not available on-site then there are different options depending on the scope of your needs. Did you know the single most effective tool in reducing waste at events is planning ahead?! With some pre-planning, waste can be minimized, and recycling can be maximized.

For large scale events, renting a dumpster may be a possibility or scheduling live-loading trash truck pick-ups. Feeling green? Try a recycling and composting trash removal company or take it to the next level plan a zero-waste event! Depending on what service you go with, don't forget to have a staff ready to handle the break-down of the boxes and removal of trash from the premises to the dumpster or truck.

As event planners, we must keep every aspect of an event in mind, even the smelly ones! So, don't let your event get "trashed" by skipping this step!

This Pro-Tip is by: Maureen Peterson
Title: Castle Venue Manager
Time at Corinthian Events: 2 Years

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