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Events can be complicated. Not just for the planners, but for the attendees as well. Part of the role of the event planning team is to be sure that the complexity of an event does not lead to frustration for the attendees.

But how can you be sure every attendee has all the information they need to maximize their experience? 10 years ago that answer was simple and singular – People in matching shirts at every turn. These staff members would be positioned to point to the bathrooms, tell you when lunch was, and answer your schedule questions. It was charming but not 100% effective.


Today, we have a more high-tech solution to augment the staff: Event apps.


A great example of our work with event apps was a recent science fair event on the sprawling college campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute event which featured hundreds of exhibits offering experiences with science throughout the campus. With upwards of 8,000 attendees, the app was the perfect solution that allowed everyone to find the exhibits that suited their interests, navigate the campus, and keep their eye on their schedule.

The app was also the perfect way to communicate with all or a subset of attendees. Sending out prompt push notifications encouraged engagement and brought the crowds together. We used the app to give a full interactive map to navigate to the exact location of every exhibit. Lastly, any updates, changes in schedule or emergency notification could be shared instantly to all attendees.

For so many events, the days begin early and are jammed full of sessions, meals, and opportunities to network. It's hard to know where and when everything is taking place. Even with extensive planning, strategically positioned staff, and ample signage, attendees can still get frustrated by not knowing the "when, where and how" of an event.

Utilizing an app provides each attendee with the key information they need. Event apps are a wonderful addition to make the most of your event and keep your attendees happy!

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