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You know when you have those weeks that you feel like you're not sure you can really get everything done you need to? We think that's how our entire office was feeling this week. With 3 intricate events running, 3 new client pitches, 6 custom proposals sent out, 2 registration sites running, 2 marketing pieces produced, endless packing lists and a few people out of the office for a site selection visit in Florida... wow, there was a lot on our plate.


How did we do it??? TEAM WORK! It's amazing to go from feeling totally overwhelmed to coming together, digging in and not only getting through, but doing a job you are proud of to the best of your ability


Senior Account Manager Micha summed it up in her post on Facebook mid-week:

"It has been a very busy work week. I can't help but wake up and feel grateful for the teamwork, intelligence and dedication of my colleagues at Corinthian Events. We have quite a few events going on, yet there is always someone willing to jump in and help with projects or prep work - and make it more fun while doing so! Work hard play hard "


A big cheers to the team and a huge thank you to everyone. Be proud of what you accomplished and most importantly exhale on this Good Friday!

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