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Sure, we like to party… AND there's more.

Start with three endlessly energetic and intelligent women, add a shared dream to create the BEST event planning company in Boston and you get 18 amazing years of Corinthian Events!... Driven by their vision and supported by years of success, Jill Tate, Courtney Church and Mary Douglas have built a company that is a widely recognized and award-winning industry leader. Since 2000, they have seen growth and lots of change but have used every experience as an opportunity for further improvement.

Along the way something intangible was created; you can't quite put your finger on it, but you can feel it. It's a culture that is created by the Corinthian Events team, passionate people who support one another the way you would family. It's found in choosing the time to celebrate and laugh together.


With 18 years at the helm, the partners' have acted as amazing role amazing models for their ever-growing CE family: working hard and playing hard, setting the high standard for all to follow.


Their commitment to the strength and culture of the company has evolved and grown to encompass a larger and larger group of strong, talented individuals who design incredible events, form lasting relationships with clients and build amazing memories along the way! Tamara and Elizabeth, both Directors at Corinthian Events share memories from the collage above.

Tamara shared that her 1st Corinthian Events celebration was at the 10th anniversary party. (Shown in the top left photo.) "It was so much fun, and a great way to kick off my career at CE with this fun team! This was also a precursor to the amount of costumes I would wear in the future."

Elizabeth gushed, "Oh my gosh – my favorite memory was the trampoline dodge ball celebration. The next day, every person walked into the office sorer than they could have possibly imagined… it was hilarious!"


Rich Tate shares that his favorite memory was watching the three partners, dressed exactly alike, watch a slide show tribute to 15 years of Corinthian Events as they tried to hold back tears of joy at the Viking Hotel in Newport, RI. "It was a wonderful night!!!" Mary agrees that is was best night ever!


Top left is a picture from when Jill and Courtney (recently) celebrated their 50th birthday. Our team secretly, after hours, worked on flash mob as a surprise… The hours spent practicing were totally worth it! Megan Woonton, Senior Account Manager, claims that the summer outings & holiday luncheons are two of my favorite days, just a day to hang out with friends and decompress.


Jamie Hellesen, Senior Account Manager (and in all the pictures above), reflects that she loves every time we all get together as a team to celebrate a summer outing, holiday lunch, birthdays or anniversaries because is always a great time to reconnect, slow down, make memories and laugh a lot.

She went on to say, "That's probably what I love most about working at Corinthian Events – the people. It's amazing to have a great core group of people who you enjoy working with but also enjoy hanging out with outside of the office. Oh, and accepting awards on behalf of the team isn't half bad!"


From volunteering at Cradles to Crayons to scaring our colleagues at our Thriller Halloween Networking event, we've made a lot of memories along the way. Matthew Gentle, Production Coordinator & Assistant Castle Venue Manager, shares that he never knows what the day will hold for him… and he loves that! He admits that his favorite memory is turning everyone into zombies – he was the 'make-up artist' for the day.


"It's weird to call anyone here a coworker or colleague, they are friends," reflects Shira. She goes on to explain, "They care about my growth both personally and professionally. They're some of the first people I call when I have news – good or bad – and I know that they will be there to celebrate the good and support me through the bad."

That intangible 'thing…' Maureen sums it up quite nicely. "In looking back at the countless memories, I am reminded of one of the key ingredients to Corinthian's success: the Partners and everyone they hire not only work hard but like to play hard, together. This natural warmth and wanting to share fun times translates into a great business with lasting relationships. The concept it's just business is a commonly used term, but at Corinthian Events I think that it is personal and everyone in the company is rooting for the success of each individual player as well as the company."

Certainly, things other than hair styles have changed over the past 18 years, but one thing that has only grown is the Partner's undying dedication to Corinthian Events.

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