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Talk about inspiration!

Megan Woonton, Senior Account Manager, and Claudia Hankowski, Account Manager, at Corinthian Events had their minds blown at The Special Event 2018 Conference in NOLA. From mouth-watering beignets to wizard of oz inspired living statues, the city and the conference came together to excite, delight and elicit our top 5 design trends for 2018.

2018 Design Forecast:

1. Marble
The staying power of marble is obvious and with print technology ever developing we already see it on unexpected materials such as fabrics. Don't be surprised if you see marbled patterns infused with different color schemes.

2. Geometric
Patterns have been emerging in full force and will continue to gain popularity. The most exciting uses of geometric patterns will be bigger and bolder. Eye-catching tribal patterns are also being incorporated into linens and large installations.

3. Velvet
Soft and luxurious – printed or solid – bring velvet into your design for a sophisticated touch. Watch for velvet in fun colors and in soft seating options – not just linens!

4. Lavish Balloon Installations
We don't mean the supermarket kind. Expect to see even more large scale trailing artistic balloon installations as statement pieces. Perhaps balloon installations will be used to lead guests from one room to another.

5. Virtual Reality
VR is going to continue to permeate and elevate the event world. Emerging tech is beginning to offer planners a way to allow their clients to 'walk the space' virtually and edit the floorplan on the fly.

So those are our predictions... Want to see more of the amazing conference? Here are some highlights from the Wizard of Oz themed blowout final celebration.


Entering the Emerald City | Dancing Tin Man | Band Performance

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