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Technology is changing and growing faster than ever before! It can feel overwhelming to sort through all the tech options information to find what works for your event, your culture, will be more important to you and your company in 2018. As a Destination Management Company in Boston and Greater New England, we stay up on what is trending and also how to best incorporate those ideas into your event. Here are 3 topics to consider this year to stay connected!

Live Streaming on Social Media
Live streaming on Facebook and Instagram are as popular as ever. If you are hoping to live stream your panel make sure to plan ahead. The bandwidth of your WIFI network and your event team will play a role to make sure this goes off without a hitch!

App Technology
App Technology has become easier to enable an expected part of events. Attendees enjoy the convenience of having a simple way to access their customized agenda, connect with other attendees, or even activate live session polling. Don't underestimate the impact a simple app-based game can have on attendee engagement! It is all worth exploring.

Balancing High Tech with High Touch
Being high tech is great but if your audience doesn't feel connected to your technology you've missed the mark. Review your audience demographics pre-event and consider having a tech help desk staffed with friendly staff ready to guide new users.

Technology done well is a seamless and amazing compliment to your goal. Technology done poorly is stick in the gears of your well-oiled event. Do what feels comfortable. Your attendees will love it... Just remember to rent phone chargers for your guests to keep everyone's devices powered!

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