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It's that time of year again… We've toasted to and reflected on 2017. The page is turned, and the chapter is firmly closed. For many of us, it's time to make our plans for a successful 2018 personally and professionally, to enable a more fulfilled year. And, for the others, well, let's just say they have other ways of staying on top of their game!

For Hanna Demirjian, Acccount Manager, she is looking forward to more experiences with meeting new people and also being a great friend to others. Hanna is new to our team this year so that is pretty perfect... She expands on her resolution by saying, "With luck and more experience I will look back at the end of the year and see a great group of people around me."

Sarah Waters, Graphic Designs & Social Media Manager is looking forward to travel. "My resolution is to take a trip to Germany."

Jenni Logan, Senior Account manager, is filled with a adventure bug as well sharing her resolution is "to plan a new adventure for the coming year – I want to travel to a country I've never been before and open my mind to new and exciting things!"

For Theresa Lampkin, Data & Registration Coordinator, mapping out the New Year is the way to go. It will, of course, include at the heart of it is spending time with loved ones.

Tamara O'Malley, Director, does not make resolutions. But, she does always take time at the start of each year to reset and organize life for the new year a bit, financially, home wise, and a look ahead to fun plans for the year!

Courtney Church, Partner, is making a serious plan to find a hobby. Anyone want to share some recommendations?

Dawn Mogardo, Account manager, shares that this year she is going to became really serious about yoga in order to perform the particularly challenges poses – good luck Dawn!

Jamie Hellesen, Senior Account Manager, has had quite the year in 2017, going back to school and working full time. Her goal is the live and in the moment and try to be less stressed.

While Erin Phinney, Account Manager, admits she is "not a huge resolution person. I just try to reflect on the year that has passed and decide how I can work in the next year to learn, grow and be a better person every day."

Megan Woonton has had some serious resolution success in the past. For example, her resolution for 2017 was to stop drinking coffee. Results?... It was challenging at times but she did it and has continued into 2018. That is pretty impressive given what we do but she shares that she feels great!
Maureen Peterson's resolution? She is going to "never say 'can't'."

Shira chooses to plead the fifth and Victoria says a firm "no" to making resolutions… maybe they should chat with Maureen? Jill Tate, Partner, shares she is not one to make resolutions either so on second thought, they are in good company.
A handful of us actually don't make them anymore… for Matt Gentle, Production Coordinator & Assistant Castle Venue manager, he admits he never keeps them so he stopped. And, according to Huffinton Post, only about 8% of people actually do keep their resolutions so he's in good company!

Whether your making resolutions or not, we wish you a wonderful start to a great New Year!

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