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Adding games to your events is most successful when you understand your attendees and the role they will play. Here at Corinthian Events we put together a lot of events which involve games, from team building outings to fundraising galas and everything in between. Here are some of our BIG favorites with some tips to keep in mind:


Extra-Long Light-up Foosball

Great for low light spaces outside or inside, these extra-long tables are a perfect way to have a large group interact as you can have up to 20 people playing at once.
Pro-tip: Make sure to order a cordless model so you don't have to contend with a tripped hazard.


Lite Brite Wall

These are a fun and interactive way to brand your space and provide an activity for guests to get creative and play with.
Pro tip: Creating a logo on a large lite brite wall takes a considerable amount a time. Make sure you allow for enough set-up time if it will be done on-site.


Bubble Soccer

For an active group, this is a great way to let loose and have a ton of fun. Basic soccer knowledge is helpful for your group but even without it, guests are guaranteed to have a blast and get a good laugh!
Pro tip: Guests can get very competitive here, read 'sweaty', so if you are continuing your programming after, make sure that you give ample time to freshen-up!

Games are a surefire way to get the energy up at whatever event you are planning - just remember to get to know your group first and ensure you have a lot of variety to make sure everyone is included. Final pro tip?... Our Corinthian Events team is full of ideas to help your guests let loose, get inspired or just have an amazing time - call us to get the ball rolling!

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