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Need tips on how to plan for transportation for an event? Check out all these tips from Corinthian Event's very own Transportation Guru, Jamie!


"As a Senior Account Manager at Corinthian Events, I have moved many attendees from Point A to Point B, sometimes utilizing multiple different transportation companies at once, but transportation is so much more. It's really all about the logistics, and I am ALL about logistics!
Here's some advice for becoming a transportation guru:

  • Most importantly, hire the right partner – AKA the vendor who will get the job done (and right!)
  • Make sure to plan your route out ahead of time – you never know when street closures are going to pop up!
  • Hire Police Detail or Police Escorts when necessary – sometimes just to escort you through rush hour
  • Comply with city regulations – you don't want to get kicked off a curb in the middle of loading a vehicle!
  • Pre-count the number of seats on your bus – you never want to start off your event by overloading a bus and asking guests to get off
  • Know your local airport regulations – at Logan International Airport, buses can't fit at some of the terminals on the arrival level, so you'll have to escort guests to the departure level to load the bus. Not knowing this will lead to motor coaches having to deflate their tires to get "unstuck" (not speaking from experience, but I know it has happened in the past!)


Whether it be airport arrivals or moving 1,000 guests to a venue, having the right person (or people) on the curb can make or break your event. And keep in mind – an event starts as soon as the guests arrive in your city. Make their experience as smooth as possible!"

We hope these tips get your next event movin'!

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