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Space constraints often pose a challenge for an event designer when you have a packed house. This was the case at this year's Newton Wellesley gala at the Westin Copley. The good news was they sold enough tables to fill the room for a successful guest turn out. The challenge - how to bring the look an feel of their invitation into the room with little to no floor space once guests tables, staging and dance floor were in.

Playing off the elegance of their invitation with a focus on the nautilus shell with a gold and teal color pallet, we incorporated the look and feel into the linens and centerpieces. But why stop there?! With no floor space, the primary design elements became elegant patterned lighting effects on the walls, a complimentary stage backdrop and of course a giant crystal chandelier.

What looked like “cheap and cheerful" crystal beads were conceptualized into a three tier chandelier hanging over the dance floor. Sheer fabric was added centrally to help catch specialty lighting in complementary colors with slow scrolling teal pattern projections. A gold lighting projection of the nautilus shell on to the dance floor competed the look.

Lessons of the day... if you are out of room but want more ambiance at your event, don't forget to consider your ceiling and walls to transform guests into a different atmosphere.

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