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A change of pace from the work we are best known for, but Corinthian Events is taking on meetings left and right for 2012 and 2013! We are thrilled to be sharing this expertise with fantastic local and national companies - and started it with a off with a bang in January.

Our team had the pleasure of partnering with a new client in conceptualizing, developing and producing their first series of Sales Training meetings. With three meetings taking place in separate cities and packed into 18 consecutive days, it might have seemed like a daunting task but we rose to the challenge!


This young tech company presented a high energy and information-saturated forum that brought Jill and Elizabeth from Boston to Dallas, back to Boston and then over the "pond" to London.



The process started with developing an online registration site customized specifically to their unique program. Nearly 500 guests worldwide used our website to communicate their travel plans and confirm their attendance at the meetings. Additionally, we managed all aspects of the rooming list, on-site spacial layout, total meeting flow, and budgetary and contractual negotiations. Liaising between speakers and our audio visual team, we ensured that each session of the nine separate meeting days was executed perfectly. From coffee breaks to each awards dinner, the guests were well fed, perfectly scheduled, and recognized for their individual contributions to their respective teams.


A few nights of good sleep and we're back at it with even more meetings on the horizon!

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