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Magnolia Lane & Founders Circle at The Augusta National Golf Club Clubhouse

The Masters Tournament (most commonly referred to as The Masters) was established on March 22nd, 1934. The Masters is always scheduled for the first full week of April, and unlike other major golf tournaments that travel, it is always held at Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia. The Tournament has had 84 years to perfect all aspects of the event, and it shows.

Amen Corner

Micha Brooks, Business Development & Senior Account Manager at Corinthian Events, is an avid golfer having grown up in St. Andrews, Scotland. This week, Micha got to fulfill a dream of hers by attending The Masters for the very first time!
As event planners, we cannot help but notice details. Micha was so impressed by the well-oiled machine that she shared some key highlights with us immediately! Check out a few highlights below:

Enjoying famous Masters egg salad sandwich and a refreshing drink from concessions

Fun Fact: Did you know that if you lined up all the pieces of bread used for sandwiches during the week of The Masters, it would span from Augusta to Atlanta? That is a whopping 145.8 miles (approximately)!
The 2018 Masters Tournament Menu boasts the most affordable food and beverage in sports. Check out some of the highlights from the menu below:

  • Egg Salad Sandwich ($1.50)
  • Pimento Cheese Sandwich ($1.50)
  • Masters Club ($2.50)
  • Classic Chicken Sandwich ($3)
  • Ham and Cheese on Rye ($2.50)
  • Masters Blend Coffee ($1.50)
  • Soft drinks ($2)
  • Domestic Beer ($4)
  • Imported Beer ($5)
  • American Craft Beer ($5)
  • Chips ($1.50)
  • Cookies ($1.50)
  • Georgia Pecan Ice Cream Sandwich ($2)
The Masters Tournament hire approximately 5,000 event staff to facilitate the tournament. Micha Brooks was in awe of the professionalism, knowledge, and work ethic of all encounters with the events team. Not to forget the constant willingness to help from all staff, and always with a friendly smile and the southern charm!

Micha enjoying some "light" shopping for Masters merchandise!

Fun fact: Did you know that a Masters baseball cap is sold every 0.8 seconds? But, the most sold item is still the famous Masters yellow golf flag!

Augusta National Golf Club is famous for the beautiful azalea's and the very well-maintained grounds. This year the azaleas are out in full bloom, making the course look even more spectacular!

Amen Corner

Monday and Tuesday at The Masters are the practice round days. On Tuesday, Micha Brooks was able to follow Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson, Fred Couples and Thomas Pieters for their first 9 holes. The crowds were out and the sun was shining down on Augusta National!

Fun Fact:
Did you know that The Masters spends $0 on marketing? The pretigious major is so renowned worldwide, it is not needed!

Tiger Woods and Fred Couples

We can't wait to see who gets the green jacket this year! Could it be a fifth for Tiger Woods? We shall seeā€¦

The Masters Scoreboard

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