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Winter Olympics lovers rejoice – the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge has created the perfect backdrop to watch the games while enjoying themed libations.

Our team at Corinthian Events loves to build décor around fun concepts and our clients at the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel are comprised of a wonderfully creative team that continues to come up with and/or support out of the box ideas for bringing themes to life. Take for example, our last 2 events with them; the Miracle Bar and the Stranger Things party… doesn't get much cooler.

This time around, the team was looking to create a place where guests felt as though they were relaxing in a warm ski chalet, just off the mountain; the perfect venue to cheer on your team at the Olympics. And with a large TV, always tuned to the games, a warm fire, and comfortable décor touches – this is just the place.


We included a mix of vintage and modern elements to create the chalet environment. On a set of shelves, we displayed these women's ice skates, an antique Ski New England sign, as well as a 1982 Olympics beer stein and ski boots from the 80s.


Rustic décor was introduced through the use of a custom faux antler ring we built and installed on the existing fixture as well as modern recycled paper moose & antler heads which were mounted above the fireplace.


Just outside the Chalet Marlowe, you'll find a recycled ski Adirondack chair and ski slopes inspired directional sign… The results are so inviting.

Check out the chalet: enjoy their creative Olympic concoctions and cheer on your favorite Olympic athletes throughout the month of February.

Interested in the specialty drinks? Here are a few highlights:

absolut vodka, swiss chocolate
cold brew concentrate, kirsch

korean Soju, blueberry shrub
cucumber, club soda

white wine, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, saffron
vanilla, honey, orange, ginger

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