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There's nothing a man can do, that I can't do better and in heels. – Ginger Rogers

Meet Claudia. Our quick-witted, OCD, organized, no bull-taking Account Manager who elevates events with her keen eye and exquisite taste. If Claudia were an Olympic Athlete she'd compete in 'Speed-walking.' She explains, "The rule is that one foot must appear to be in contact with the ground at all times as you race forward… it appears to be a bunch of people sashaying in sassy unison." Google it. Seriously.

Claudia's personality bubbles up in everything she does. "The biggest surprise with getting to know Claudia over the last 6 months is her sassy (and sometimes raunchy) wit and general silliness; it's just a funny juxtaposition to her impeccable style, grace and beauty!" – Courtney Church, Partner at Corinthian Events

Claudia was born in Milan, Italy and grew up watching the production of fashion shows. No doubt this inspires her. "Claudia has amazing sense of and taste. Not only in her daily work attire but in designing events. She thinks of every detail and is a perfectionist, making sure everything we customize is delivered in the most pristine way." -Jamie Hellesen, Sr. Account Manager


When Claudia isn't typing away on emails, proposals and contracts in the office, she is busy creating memories with her husband, Seth.

In the summer she spends her weekends fishing – check out that massive striped bass! During the colder months she LOVES baking, especially with Nutella, her all time favorite food.

She is kinda obsessed with Nutella… If she could invite anyone famous, dead or alive, to dinner – her invite list would include Michele Ferrero – the genius behind Nutella, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Kinder eggs. No doubt that dinner party would be phenomenal – Claudia is a great cook and loves to host her friends and family for dinner parties!


Claudia's family and friends are very dear to her heart.

Although her family lives hundreds of miles away, they speak every day in one of the many languages they're fluent in – Italian, Spanish, French and English – yes, Claudia is quadrilingual!


"(Claudia) brings such joy to the office. Her passionate demeanor is contagious and in a constantly chaotic environment she knows how to lighten the mood and bring laughter." – Jamie Hellesen, Sr. Account Manager
We are lucky to have Claudia as part of our team.

Megan Woonton, a Sr. Account Manager at Corinthian Events, agrees adding, "Claudia has a great sense of humor and always finds a way to make us laugh! She's been a great addition to the team and her sense of humor is a bonus!"

Fun, smart, witty and fashionable – a badass combination!

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